New Media Industries

NMIX 4220: New Media Industries

New Media Industries, or Digital Brown Bag, was more of a guest speaker-based class than a project-based class. These speakers each introduced us to a different career path we could take using the skills learned from this certificate. We heard from freelancers, delta employees, marketing specialists, entrepreneurs, etc. We also had the opportunity to ask each speaker questions during their talk and afterward if we wished to network with them individually. This was extremely helpful because the speakers motivated me to think about what I wanted to do post-graduation. I started streamlining what jobs seemed interesting that I may want to do more research on and which jobs did not seem appealing to me that I now know to shift away from. We also did three small professional development assignments throughout the semester. I researched my Myers-Briggs personality type and explored what that Type is usually interested in and what career paths are common. I also watched a few TED talks in a TED Talk playlist and wrote about what I learned and how I can apply that knowledge in my professional life. I did my last assignment on certifying myself in Google Analytics. Overall, this class was beneficial in assisting my search for a possible career. The possibilities for a student studying film and new media are vast, but this class helped me narrow that search.

Professional Development Assignments

Personality Assessment

For this assignment, I took a test to see my personality type and what that means for me. I am an ENFP, so I assessed each type level and how accurate I felt they were to me. I also read into the description of my personality type as a whole and how my type may work well or not well with other specific types, and what career aspirations might be most suitable for ENFPs. I love taking personality tests, so I enjoyed learning about myself while doing this assignment.

TED Talk Playlist Assessment

For this assignment, I had to choose a TED Talks playlist on a topic that interests me and pick a few videos to watch and reflect on. I have always found science fascinating, so I chose the playlist “A Love Letter to Science.” I watched videos on how we are all essentially made of stardust, types of biases, exploring unanswered questions in physics, why we should trust scientists, and the evolution of wild living things in cities. I then took what I learned from the videos and analyzed how I could apply this information to my life and in a professional development capacity. My biggest takeaways from these videos are that we each have our forms of personal biases we need to pay attention to when we’re learning new information. Also, when learning new information, one should always make sure the source is a reliable one.

Google Analytics Certificate

For my final assignment, I chose to complete an online certificate to make me more proficient in skills that could be marketable later on. I landed on Google Analytics for Beginners. While completing this certificate, I learned the importance of gathering data when improving the marketability of your website. I learned how to track how much traffic your site is getting and how to interpret audience behavior. This certificate taught me many skills that will be valuable to me if I continue working in the web development field or if I choose to build my own online brand.