NMI Certificate

Certificate Summary

I originally decided to do the New Media Certificate because I wanted to learn about how to build a brand for myself, and the Certificate ended up teaching me so much more. In just my first class New Media Production (now called Web Development), I learned how to build websites using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and WordPress. I used Bootstrap to create a website that showcased my top Spotify artists I was listening to at the time, which I will link here. I also created the first edition of my own personal website to showcase my work, which is what you are reading this summary on right now.

I have since updated my professional portfolio by creating an entirely new site for myself, which can be found at mollyhyser.com/creative.html. This site started as my first project in Advanced Web Development. We were supposed to create a site that showcased our skills in web development that we had refreshed throughout the beginning of the class, so I created a website to showcase my creative work using bootstrap. I ended up liking my design for this project so much that I decided to make it my main portfolio for my work as opposed to this one. I learned about APIs and Javascript in this class, so for my final project, I showcased my knowledge by making a website that helps you find new music seen here. It took an extremely long time to code, but I’m proud of the way that it turned out.

I believe I was able to create this much more aesthetic and refined portfolio due to the design techniques and skills I learned in New Media Design. In that class, I learned how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva. After gaininng an understanding of those softwares, my professor taught us how to create and fully flesh out a brand’s design by making a style guide. My role on the team was to create the logo for our brand, so I used Illustrator to create a logo for our clothing app “Cherry.” I also worked alongside my team to select colors and fonts that would properly represent the look and feel we were going for with this brand. I took this class prior to Advanced Web Development, so I was able to use these brand-building skills to make my portfolio look the way it does now.

Through the New Media Industries class, I was able to get a glimpse of how the New Media Certificate has helped its alumni find their careers post-graduation. We could ask questions and even network with them after their lecture. This motivated me to truly consider what I wanted to do for my own career post-grad and how I would be able to use this certificate to accomplish my career goals. Now that I’m done with the certificate, I can already say that the skills I’ve learned are already paying off because all of my employers are asking if I have a portfolio. I can now say that I do and then work into the conversation that I coded it myself!

Finally in my Capstone course, I learned what it was like to work with a real client to create real deliverables and how to delegate work for our project that played well to each of our inividual strengths. I utilized my design skills learned in New Media Design to re-vamp our client’s logo to be more on-brand with the product. I was also able to use by skills learned in my major to create a product trailer for our final presentation day at SLAM, which I loved because I love to film and edit videos. I also learned how to create a deliverable for a client that doesn’t necessarily know what they want. My team and I ran into a lot of bumps in the road along the way SLAM, but we leaned on each other and were able to create something pretty cool.

Course Summaries

NMIX 4110: New Media Production

In New Media Production, I learned how to build, edit, and operate websites using many different kinds of software.

NMIX 4220: New Media Industries

New Media Industries, also known as Digital Brown Bag, was a guest speaker-based class that was extremely helpful in assisting my search for a possible career. The speakers each introduced us to a different career path we could take using the skills learned from this certificate, showing us how this certificate can be valuable later on.