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Hi, I'm an editor, photographer, and videographer

I am an Entertainment and Media Studies graduate from the University of Georgia, currently working as a Freelance Multimedia Specialist. I'm based in Georgia but eager to expand my horizons and explore new opportunities. My goal is to live by the phrase: "Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Capturing content that makes people look and feel amazing is my passion, and I'm proud to say I'm well on my way to achieving that goal.

Check out my photography and video projects by clicking on the icons below or the menu icon at the top-right of the screen. I also built this website myself using HTML and CSS with help from a Bootstrap template, so feel free to have a look around at my work!

Video Editing Experience

I've been editing videos since I was 15. I started by editing segments on my high school's weekly show, and I've grown to edit short films, sorority recruitment videos, travel videos, promotional content, and more. I am certified in Avid Media Composer, have been using Adobe Premiere Pro for over four years, and am educated on DaVinci Resolve color correction software. Reach out if you need an editor!

Photography Experience

I started professionally taking photography over two years ago, and I just fell in love with the craft. Not much makes me happier than the look on people's faces when I show them that they looked amazing in their photos. I take grad photos, concert photography, event photography, and headshots, and I'm well-versed in editing photos in Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. I'm willing to work any type of shoot, so reach out if you need a photographer!

Videography Experience

I started shooting content around the same time I stated editing. As Production Chair for UGA Miracle, I filmed and edited the majority of their videos and recorded content for them for two years. I've filmed interview-style packages with the Smasherson Foundation to highlight their cause and organization. I've also shot events such as Classic City Showdown in Athens, Georgia. Reach out if you need a videographer!


  • Contact Me

    Phone: (404) 310-6939


    Follow me on LinkedIn: LinkedIn Molly Hyser

  • Smasherson Foundation
    Video Creator

    Collaborated with the foundation's founder to plan and execute video content, facilitating substantial growth in outreach.

    Produced and edited 5 videos for Smasherson’s Instagram, using a Nikon z9 Camera and Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Conducted interviews and captured B-roll footage to create compelling content, supporting the foundation's mission effectively.

  • UGA Miracle Production Committee Chair

    Produced and edited 12 promotional videos for UGA Miracle's social media platforms using Adobe Premiere and After Effects, resulting in increased engagement and awareness.

    Captured event footage with Canon EOS Rebel SL3 and edited photos in Adobe Lightroom.

    Managed scheduling and task delegation via Google Sheets, optimizing committee workflow.

    Collaborated with the Marketing Committee to uphold brand uniformity across videos crafted by my committee.

  • Lucid. Writer/Director/Editor

    A college woman uses a lucid dream to confess her true feelings to her best friend, who died in a domestic violence attack.

    Spearheaded creative direction by seamlessly weaving together compelling storytelling as both the writer and director, while overseeing and participating in the editing process to ensure a cohesive and impactful final product.

    Collaborated closely with a team of 13 talented students, fostering a productive and collaborative environment to bring the project to fruition.

  • Group Therapy Documentary Production Intern

    General Skills
    Served on the Production Assistant team.
    Anticipated needs of the cast and crew by providing support for their roles.
    Networked with the crew to learn about the Film Industry.
    Administered meal and drink delivery to the cast and crew.

    During Pre-Production: Shadowed the Locations Team, introduced myself to people on set, and assisted Locations with preparing the set for shoot days.

    During Shoot Days: Served as a Production Assistant by putting together lunches for V.I.P. crew members, delivering meals and coffees to the cast and crew, running small errands for the cast and crew, and, most importantly, networking with the crew to learn all I could from them.

  • Kate T. Parker Photography
    Video Production Intern

    Edited two promotional videos for the Smasherson Foundation utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro, leading to continued collaboration with the Foundation.

    Contributed to bi-weekly brainstorming sessions to generate concepts for upcoming video initiatives.

    Operated a Nikon z9 Camera to capture high-quality interviews and B-roll footage.