Please see my completely re-vamped portfolio/dossier at mollyhyser.com/creative.html. I cannot get rid of this site because it has the whole first half of my New Media Certificate work on here, so in order to utilize the design skills that I learned after making this original site and create something that is more suited to my creative career and much more professional, I had to start from scratch. I hope the new site shows how much I’ve improved since the starting the New Media Certificate. Thank you for understanding.


YouTube Channel

UGA Miracle

UGA Miracle 2022-2023 Theme Reveal
Beyond Limits Fundraiser Hype Video
Ring the Bell Fundraiser Video
UGA Miracle 2022 – 2023 Committees
UGA Miracle Midsummer Video

The Smasherson Foundation

Smasherson Foundation Swim Meet
Smasherson Foundation: Remembering Emerson

High School

Emmy Nominee St. Andrew Rowing Package
2nd Place Student Television Network PSA 2020
Centennial High School Class of 2020 Graduation Video
Sports During Covid Gymnastics Package
Everybody Hurts Short Film
Roswell Gymnastics Package

My Visual Scrapbook

UGA Sophomore Year Recap
UGA Freshman Year Recap
Family Wyoming Trip 2021
Family Asheville Trip 2020
Beach Trip 2021
Lake Trip 2020



My Top Spotify Artists

This is the final result for our HTML and CSS plus Bootstrap project, and I am quite proud of it. I had the most difficulty changing the theme template to make it look original, but it paid off. The site is colored to look like Spotify, it includes links to all of the artists I mention, and it’s organized cohesively and practically. If you are looking for some new music to get into, I have some great suggestions listed here if you want to check them out.

News Site: My Hot Takes

This was the News site portion of our third project, and I had a lot of fun making it. You may be noticing a music theme in my projects at this point. How astute of you! Music plays a huge role in my life, so it felt right for me to make it the focus of my assignments. I got to find/write articles about all of my favorite artists for this one. I highlighted the many talents of Donald Glover (Childish Gambino), dove into all of Tyler, the Creator’s creative projects, and recognized the number of things Soulja Boy claims to have been the first to do. I also designed a logo for the site and re-colored it using custom CSS to make it look more aesthetic than the harsh reds and yellows the theme used to sport before I fixed it.